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Date added: September, 28th 2021 - 37.83 MB (Free)

SeaMonkey is a free web browser that is part of a community project intending to develop an all-in-one internet application. It integrates sync features, tabbed

Date added: November, 05th 2021 - 2.68 MB (Free)

Whale is an Internet browser with original features that you cannot find in traditional browsers. It is different from the other web browsers because of

Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17843
Date added: November, 18th 2019 - 24.64 MB (Free)

Internet Explorer integrates an entire library of browsing accelerators, helping users find content on the internet with the Search Suggestions option, a small search box

Date added: September, 26th 2021 - 80.34 MB (Free)

Maxthon Browser makes it easy and fast to sync personal data between devices and operating systems. This is how it creates a different browsing experience

Waterfox 2021.10
Date added: October, 13th 2021 - 71.97 MB (Free)

Waterfox is a great browser that has been designed for 64-bit architecture to provide you with a better browsing experience. It relies on Firefox’s code

Epic Privacy Browser 87.0.4280.88
Date added: February, 08th 2021 - 1.75 MB (Free)

Epic Privacy Browser is designed to provide the users with complete privacy when it comes to the browsing of data and the management of logs

Avant Browser 2020 Build 3
Date added: March, 17th 2020 - 4.33 MB (Free)

Avant Browser is a fast, reliable and user-friendly web browser, designed to constantly improve browsing experience through frequent updates. It integrates a download multi-threaded accelerator

Yandex Browser
Date added: November, 18th 2021 - 142.7 MB (Free)

Yandex Browser is a web browser to provide users with a different experience when compared with regular browsers. The application’s interface is clutter-free because you

Zenbrowser 15.0.7
Date added: March, 01st 2021 - 66.75 MB (Free)

If you are looking for a web browser which can offer secure and easy browsing, then ZenBrowser must be the application that you should look

Date added: May, 01st 2019 - 38.65 MB (Free)

CoolNovo works on Chromium kernel to provide a safe browsing experience. Sandboxing is used too so that users are protected from suspicious sites. Privacy features

Google Chrome 96.0.4664.45
Date added: November, 16th 2021 - 72.51 MB (Free)

Chrome enjoys a growing number of users, thanks to a vast library of add-ons and extensions. Updates are performed in the background, so no annoying

Date added: February, 19th 2019 - 34.99 MB (Free)

Lunascape works on the rendering engines of Firefox, Chrome and IE, between which you can change according to needs. This feature comes in handy if

Brave Browser 1.32.106
Date added: November, 17th 2021 - 83.57 MB (Free)

Brave Browser is a new beast on the browser’s environment that aims to be faster and more stable than Google Chrome. The idea behind this

Vivaldi 4.3.2439.63
Date added: October, 31th 2021 - 73.78 MB (Free)

To boost your browsing experience, you must use Vivaldi to provide you with a bunch of new tools and features for this activity. It allows

[email protected] 12.18 build 1872
Date added: May, 13th 2021 - 21.47 MB (Free)

Opera is one of the fastest and most customizable web browsers on the market today. It is a stable, mature browser with a loyal user