Web Browsers And Plugins

Brave Browser 1.49.132
Date added: March, 29th 2023 - 98.76 MB (Free)

Brave Browser is a new beast on the browser’s environment that aims to be faster and more stable than Google Chrome. The idea behind this

Vivaldi 5.7.2921.53
Date added: February, 16th 2023 - 82.66 MB (Free)

To boost your browsing experience, you must use Vivaldi to provide you with a bunch of new tools and features for this activity. It allows

[email protected] 12.18 build 1872
Date added: May, 13th 2021 - 21.47 MB (Free)

Opera is one of the fastest and most customizable web browsers on the market today. It is a stable, mature browser with a loyal user

Date added: March, 30th 2023 - 77.21 MB (Free)

SlimJet is an award-winning free web browser that helps users easily navigate the internet at an increased speed and under full protection. It has some

Netbox Browser 92.0.4515.141
Date added: December, 05th 2021 - 3.79 MB (Free)

If you think earning just by browsing is a scam, you probably haven’t heard of the Netbox Browser, which gives you Netbox (NBX) coins only

Adobe Flash Player Non Ie
Date added: September, 27th 2021 - 20.64 MB (Free)

Flash Player non-IE (for Firefox, Opera, or Safari) is a browser plug-in currently under use by 1.3 billion people worldwide. It now deploys dynamic quality

Avast Secure Browser 80.1.3902.163
Date added: April, 23th 2020 - 3.11 MB (Free)

Avast Secure Browser is a web browser that can provide you with better security and privacy while you are browsing online. It is a Chromium-based

Firefox 110.0.1
Date added: February, 28th 2023 - 53.22 MB (Free)

Firefox is one of the most popular and leading internet browsers in the world that will help you browse the internet and enjoy great speeds,

Safari 5.1.7
Date added: February, 22th 2019 - 36.71 MB (Free)

Safari takes pride in a unified search field that automatically fills in the entire URL based on the browser’s history. The tab view makes it

Java Runtime Environment 8.0 Update 361
Date added: January , 18th 2023 - 56.43 MB (Free)

Java Runtime Environment or the standard edition of the Java platform is the tool to develop or deploy any Java app both on desktops and

Microsoft Edge 111.0.1661.62
Date added: March, 31th 2023 - 128.66 MB (Free)

Just a few short years ago, there was really only Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for most web users if they wanted a great experience. Now,

Opera 97.0.4719.43
Date added: March, 30th 2023 - 89.01 MB (Free)

Opera is a competitive web browser, covering the basics with mouse gestures, tabbed interface, bookmarking, customization, drag-and-drop functions, and Speed Dial. A polished and easy-to-use

Adobe Shockwave Player
Date added: March, 20th 2019 - 23.14 MB (Free)

Adobe Shockwave Player is a must have plug-in for every browser, mainly because it is required by all kinds of online content. Not only online

Polarity 10.0.4
Date added: March, 15th 2021 - 1.15 MB (Free)

Polarity is a browser that has intuitive features. It is modeled after Chromium. You can visit any of your desired websites and not be as

Date added: October, 26th 2018 - 66.33 MB (Free)

Internet privacy is a big important thing nowadays because a lot of companies and even other people want to learn things about you. That is