System Utilities

Kaspersky Update Utility
Date added: February, 09th 2019 - 12.65 MB (Free)

Updating your Kaspersky program without the presence of an internet connection is possible through Kaspersky Update Utility. Streamline interface of the application and the command

Autorun Eater 2.6
Date added: April, 24th 2019 - 1.39 MB (Free)

Autorun Eater works alongside your antivirus solution to perform scans and remove suspicious autorun.inf related files. It is known to be an alternative to right-click-explore,

Date added: June, 15th 2021 - 512 KB (Free)

SecretFolder is one of the best applications that can allow you to hide your private data on your home or office computers. By using this

Date added: July, 19th 2021 - 3.87 MB (Free)

If you are interested in some anti-spy applications so you can protect yourself better, then you may give DoNotSpy10 utility a try. This app has

Spencer 1.25
Date added: January , 19th 2021 - 974.76 KB (Free)

Spencer was designed to help you get a feel of the good old Windows XP back. This operating system was, without a doubt, one of

Clover 3.5.4
Date added: December, 01st 2020 - 11.85 MB (Free)

Are you tired of the Windows Explored interface? If you’re losing time with certain tasks within the explored, you can use Clover. It’s a tool

Usb Toolkit 2.0
Date added: January , 06th 2019 - 298 KB (Free)

If you are looking for software that can help you in keeping your computer safe from USB inducted viruses, then this application is amongst the

Launchy 2.5.0
Date added: July, 30th 2021 - 4.34 MB (Free)

Launchy is a desktop suite capable of indexing all start-menu items and more. With this application, you will be able to launch all your documents,

Grepwin 2.0.10
Date added: February, 19th 2022 - 788 KB (Free)

grepWin saves you valuable time by allowing its users to search and replace files according to given parameters. The power of this tool lies within

Darik's Boot And Nuke (dban) 2.3.0
Date added: September, 27th 2021 - 15.95 MB (Free)

Thanks to DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke) it will be easier than ever to wipe clean the contents of a hard disk and always be

Hibit Uninstaller 2.7.62
Date added: April, 17th 2022 - 3.15 MB (Free)

HiBit Uninstaller is an excellent software utility that lets you completely uninstall any program from your Windows computer. You can sort the software by name,

X-mouse Button Control 2.19.2
Date added: October, 19th 2020 - 2.61 MB (Free)

If you want to change everything in Windows to work just the way you like, you probably want to change your mouse’s behavior. However, Windows

Usb Disk Security
Date added: May, 12th 2021 - 3.85 MB (Free)

It is a specialized application to keep you protected from the viruses that can enter your computer through USB devices. USB Disk Security has the

Securstick 1.1.2
Date added: April, 16th 2021 - 309.13 KB (Free)

Do you need a secure way of transporting some of the important data files of your computer through a USB? You should consider SecurStick as

Msi Dragon Center 2.1.1804.1102
Date added: February, 09th 2021 - 148.81 MB (Free)

Using this application, you can set up your gaming profiles and separate accounts for movies, etc. on MSI gaming stations. Apart from the creation of