System Utilities

Popsel 2.57
Date added: November, 11th 2018 - 105.93 KB (Free)

As you know, when it comes to Windows, it can be complicated to do all of the things you want, and it is essential to

3dmark 2.22.7359
Date added: May, 11th 2022 - 6.98 GB (Demo)

If you want to know more about your PC’s capability, especially when considering the compatibility of a particular game with it, then 3DMark can give

Date added: February, 25th 2020 - 216.55 KB (Free)

FixWin is a program for maintaining and repairing the Windows 10 operating system. If you find it too complicated or you do not have the

Date added: October, 05th 2021 - 8.36 MB (Free)

Eraser is the tool to use when you need to permanently delete files from the computer. And by permanently we mean that this software not

Memtest86 9.4 Build 1000
Date added: January , 24th 2022 - 6.16 MB (Free)

Are you looking for a memory-testing tool for your computer? Memtest86 is a great software that can test your computer’s RAM modules, providing you with

Tcp Optimizer 4.1.1
Date added: May, 17th 2021 - 668 KB (Free)

TCP Optimizer is a tool ready to be used, and it will be a great one for any user. The first thing you need to

Snap Md5 1.04
Date added: November, 18th 2018 - 611.29 KB (Free)

Snap MD5 is a simple tool designed with a single purpose: to check the validity of MD5 sums of files you download from the Internet.

Windows10debloater 0
Date added: April, 22th 2022 - 15.88 KB (Free)

This application has been specially designed to provide you with the facility of removing any bloating from Windows 10. The use of Windows10Debloater ensures that

Pristy Tools 2.7.7
Date added: June, 06th 2022 - 2.16 MB (Free)

Managing a PC is not at all a simple task. It involves cleaning up the computer’s drive to ensure enough space for more storage, deleting

Security Task Manager 2.4
Date added: March, 15th 2021 - 2.89 MB (Trial)

With this application, you can find the viruses and malicious content that could be slowing down your system. Security Task Manager helps you in quickly

Nsudo 8.2
Date added: July, 03rd 2021 - 10.72 MB (Free)

With NSudo, you’ll be able to launch almost any application as an administrator, including some complicated apps like Powershell and the Hosts file. When you

Revo Uninstaller 2.3.9
Date added: June, 14th 2022 - 7.17 MB (Free)

Revo Uninstaller packages the largest number of features that come in handy for the daily use of a clean computer. Whereas it keeps track of

Astro Command Center 1.0.170
Date added: January , 04th 2019 - 19.61 MB (Free)

ASTRO Command Center helps in configuring your Astro gaming hardware. You can easily configure the settings of your device through this application. You can easily

Anystatus 2.9.9
Date added: November, 21th 2020 - 2.63 MB (Free)

This application allows you to keep an eye on the applications operating on your computer. Apart from the data of the application, servers and databases

Sliderdock 1.22
Date added: August, 02nd 2021 - 5.02 MB (Free)

SliderDock is a fantastic application launcher which helps the user to customize the interface’s icons using drag and drop system. The simplicity of using the