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Universal Usb Installer
Date added: August, 03rd 2022 - 2.03 MB (Free)

Universal USB Installer is an easy to use application that allows you to create Linux distributions and installations straight from your USB drive easily and

Unetbootin 7.02
Date added: January , 29th 2023 - 4.63 MB (Free)

UNetbootin is a software application that allows its users to create bootable USB drives that will enable them to install their preferred Linux distributions effortlessly.

Date added: October, 31th 2022 - 3.18 MB (Free)

AutoHotkey is a helpful application for setting up hotkeys, automation tasks, and other scripting configurations as it enables you to stay more productive and access

Directx 12 0
Date added: November, 20th 2020 - 285.34 KB (Free)

DirectX 12 is the latest edition of DirectX, and it provides you with the latest technology so that you’ll be able to run games and

Date added: December, 12th 2018 - 11.73 MB (Free)

Specific programs and routines of your computer can be automated to save your time. You can use this program to manage your daily repetitive tasks

Auto Dark Mode 3.0.1
Date added: August, 02nd 2020 - 2.19 MB (Free)

For the users who want their computer themes to be set up for the day and night, this application can perform this function automatically. Auto

Keytweak 2.3.1
Date added: January , 03rd 2022 - 280.49 KB (Free)

Depending on the work you are doing on your PC, you may need to set up the keyword so you can make your job easier.

Windows Virtual Pc 6.1.7600.16393
Date added: November, 17th 2022 - 15.33 MB (Free)

It is an application to help you run a number of different virtual Windows operating systems on a single computer. Windows Virtual PC allows you

Better Ds3 1.5.3
Date added: October, 02nd 2020 - 1.58 MB (Free)

Better DS3 allows you to bring improvement to the controllers of PS3 offline, for better accuracy. It has been designed to enable gamers to configure

Brightnesstray 1.2.5
Date added: December, 02nd 2019 - 60.63 KB (Free)

If you don’t like the 25% multiple brightness sliders of Windows 10, then using this application can provide you with a lot more convenience and

Windows 10 Settings Shortcut 1.2
Date added: April, 07th 2019 - 23.81 KB (Free)

Accessing settings in Windows 10 is a bit lengthy process, especially when you are looking for a handy option to adjust a particular parameter. In

Autorun Organizer 5.19
Date added: July, 14th 2022 - 20.67 MB (Free)

If you need to initiate specific programs when the computer boots, then you can use Autorun Organizer as it can help inefficient management of such

Auto Dark Mode X
Date added: April, 20th 2022 - 53.22 MB (Free)

For the users who want their computer themes to be set up for the day and night, this application can perform this function automatically. Auto

Zadig 2.5.730
Date added: February, 04th 2021 - 4.92 MB (Free)

For the installation of the generic USB drivers on your computer, you can consider Zadig. It is a specialized tool that can help you install

Twinkle Tray 1.14.8
Date added: November, 24th 2022 - 84.19 MB (Free)

Perhaps you’ve bought two or more screens for your workplace because you’ve been looking to improve your productivity or simply have more working space. You