Amazeowl 3.12.3
Date added: September, 27th 2020 - 74.75 MB (Free)

AmazeOwl provides you a helping hand while researching the Amazon market place for a specific product. This application ensures that you can find the products

Date added: November, 28th 2022 - 133.08 MB (Demo)

Mindomo allows you to collect and organize your files and documents and share projects with other users, which will help you keep your computer organized

Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.42
Date added: May, 22th 2019 - 21.85 MB (Free)

If you are looking to spend your cryptocurrency on buying another type of cryptocurrencies or trading them with one another, then Qt Bitcoin Trader is

Easyminer 0.98
Date added: December, 04th 2020 - 1.15 MB (Free)

Are you looking for a mining application for the cryptocurrency? Here it is. EasyMiner is an application that can provide you with GPU and CPU

Crypto Arbitrage Monitor 1.5
Date added: February, 24th 2020 - 1.74 MB (Free)

Trading in cryptocurrency requires you to know everything about it. Additionally, you must be aware of the condition of the market and the trends going

Date added: November, 05th 2022 - 431.39 MB (Free)

If you want to create 2D and 3D drawings, this application has been specifically designed for you. FreeCAD can easily handle the 3D CAD, MCAD,

Udeler 1.8.2
Date added: January , 20th 2022 - 89.2 MB (Free)

Udeler helps you to have Udemy videos and tutorials available on the computer for easy and quick replay. If you have them on your computer,

Date added: September, 28th 2022 - 1.38 MB (Free)

To emulate the original Apple II computer on Windows, you can use AppleWin. The Apple 2 are the base computers for which the programs were

Bitcoin Core 0.21.0
Date added: January , 16th 2021 - 14.58 MB (Free)

Bitcoin is the largest trading cryptocurrency. You would want it secured from third party interventions and misuse of your wallet. Thus, to provide you with

Linear Interpolation Calculator 1.2
Date added: September, 27th 2021 - 1.52 MB (Free)

If you need a calculator for the linear interpolation, then Linear Interpolation Calculator has been specifically designed for you. It lets you calculate the linear

Parlay Calculator 1.0
Date added: September, 27th 2021 - 2.15 MB (Free)

Parlay Calculator is an application specially designed for parley betters. It helps them in making their decision regarding the bet. This application uses the mathematics

Stretchly 1.12.0
Date added: September, 26th 2022 - 109.52 MB (Free)

You can use Stretchly to set essential reminders for yourself when working on your computer. These reminders can include taking breaks and other necessary tasks

Chansort 2022-11-22
Date added: November, 23th 2022 - 29.73 MB (Free)

Are you looking to organize the channel list on your TV? Then you can use ChanSort, a simple application that helps you make changes to

Bookwright 2.5.2
Date added: November, 23th 2022 - 132.96 MB (Free)

Do you need to design e-books or other kinds of digital writing or photos from your computer? If so, there are various tools and layouts

Date added: March, 31th 2022 - 135.17 MB (Demo)

SimplexNumerica is a comprehensive software application with a vast array of features available to you. Whether you’re looking to write some C++ code, create comprehensive