Office Tools

Date added: May, 17th 2021 - 11.94 MB (Free)

TopTracker has been specially designed for monitoring the remote users’ performance while working on various projects on the computer. You can track your working hours

Pdf Candy 2.91
Date added: April, 21th 2022 - 138.05 MB (Trial)

If you have ever had issues with PDFs, then you know that it is often a challenge to get them resolved. PDF’s have so many

Copyq 6.1.0
Date added: March, 06th 2022 - 13.8 MB (Free)

CopyQ is one of the clipboard managers that can help you make your work easier. You can highlight the text, images, data, web pages, and

Dp4 Font Viewer 3.4.0
Date added: November, 03rd 2020 - 783.33 KB (Free)

To manage your TTF fonts and get them easily when required, you can use dp4 Font Viewer. You can have various other benefits and feature

Zenwriter 2.38
Date added: October, 04th 2018 - 46.36 MB (Trial)

ZenWriter is a tool that enables you to write different things such as novels, stories, poems and other documents in a very relaxing environment offering

Wincalendar 4.43
Date added: February, 01st 2021 - 8.58 MB (Demo)

Is scheduling and maintaining calendars difficult for you? Then you can use WinCalendar. It provides an opportunity for you to plan and create schedules easily

Pdfescape 4.0.24 build 4617
Date added: February, 12th 2021 - 11.8 MB (Demo)

PDFescape is an application that allows you to transform PDF files to Microsoft Word editable documents. You have two versions of the application. One of

Date added: December, 13th 2020 - 2.59 MB (Free)

Speakonia is a tool which reads the text out loud, and it comes with about 20 voices. Every voice has a robust robotic accent. It

Kutools For Excel 26.00
Date added: January , 05th 2022 - 49.57 MB (Trial)

One of the add-ins that can provide you with the facility of better management of the Excel sheets is Kutools for Excel. It can create

Date added: June, 14th 2022 - 253.17 MB (Free)

Evernote is your memory extension widget that works on PC and your tablet, phone, or directly on the internet. The idea behind this software is

Calibre 5.44.0
Date added: June, 17th 2022 - 112.66 MB (Free)

If you need to organize your electronic books (e-books) library, Calibre is the software for you. It allows you to view your books (in any

Slidedog 2.1.5
Date added: December, 02nd 2020 - 520.3 KB (Demo)

SlideDog is an application that helps you create presentations with various multimedia files and combine those media files into PDFs or PowerPoints. It allows you

Office Timeline 5.00.00
Date added: January , 25th 2021 - 18.63 MB (Demo)

Office Timeline is a tool for professionals that need to create powerfull presentations and other kind of professional materials for office work. It is just

Libreoffice 7.3.4
Date added: June, 10th 2022 - 312.21 MB (Free)

LibreOffice bets all money on sharing and teamwork. It is now integrated with Content Management Systems and CMIS, which means that documents can be accessed

Wps Office
Date added: February, 09th 2021 - 190.41 MB (Free)

WPS Office Free integrates three main functions: a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation maker. Free as it is, this suite enlists some advanced features,