Videopad 13.36
Date added: May, 04th 2023 - 5.7 MB (Shareware)

VideoPad is a popular video editing and manipulation tool that lets you manage and edit videos or clips, merge multiple clips into a single video,

Exmplayer 5.0.0
Date added: February, 12th 2023 - 39.71 MB (Free)

Listen to audio files, watch videos and movies, and stream your content on your network with ExMplayer, which is an intuitive application that will help

Zoom Player Max 17.1.0
Date added: November, 09th 2022 - 35.97 MB (Trial)

Zoom Player MAX is a useful application for playing movies and songs in a straightforward interface that’s incredibly customizable. Media has now become vast but

Hyperdesktop 2 Build 7
Date added: September, 18th 2018 - 198 KB (Free)

HyperDesktop will help you a lot because it is a portable and a lightweight application which will allow the users to capture their entire screen

Mkvtoolnix 77.0.0
Date added: June, 05th 2023 - 24.29 MB (Free)

For managing your Matroska files, you have this application handy. It can allow you to edit, open, examine, and mux these file versions. MKVToolnix can

Sony Vegas Pro 20.0.0 Build 326
Date added: February, 02nd 2023 - 5.78 MB (Trial)

It is an editing software that allows you to edit different formats of video files including SD, HD, 2K, and 4K resolution. Vegas Pro provides

Iograph 1.0.3
Date added: December, 17th 2022 - 36.26 MB (Free)

There are some instances when you must track your mouse movements, and therefore you need a tool which can easily do the job so that

Date added: February, 12th 2023 - 38.39 MB (Free)

By using this specialized application, you can create your favorite device work like your living room TV. You can convert your tablet, mobile phone or

Streamlabs Obs 1.6.3
Date added: November, 15th 2021 - 187.2 MB (Free)

If you want to create streams, it can be easier said than done. After all, there can be a lot that goes into getting a

Gifcam 7.0
Date added: November, 23th 2022 - 720.86 KB (Free)

GifCam is an innovative tool that can work as a camera that enables you to create GIF files. You can adjust the application window just

Ordrumbox 0.9.37
Date added: April, 12th 2018 - 49.95 MB (Free)

Are you looking for the best drum machine software? Do you compose music and need a free program that you can use to unleash your

Davinci Resolve 18.1.2
Date added: January , 09th 2023 - 3.06 GB (Free)

Editing tools for multicam are not freely available and the ones that are do not provide the users with enough features to get their work

Perfect Player 1.1.4
Date added: December, 14th 2020 - 63.5 MB (Free)

Perfect Player is a handy tool to watch high-quality TV shows on your computer. You can convert your desktop to a high-quality TV screen, just

Exifpro Image Viewer 2.1.0
Date added: May, 24th 2018 - 13.17 MB (Trial)

ExifPro Image Viewer is an application for viewing, editing, tagging, and getting the EXIF-metadata information about the image files. The application lets you work with

Virtualdub 1.10.4 Build 35491
Date added: June, 16th 2021 - 1.82 MB (Free)

VirtualDub works as a basic video capture/ processing tool, being aimed at mainstream video modifications, thus integrating batch processing technology that can be applied at