Mobile Phone Tools

Lg Flash Tool
Date added: April, 20th 2019 - 9.66 MB (Free)

For handling the LG phones and devices, you can not ignore this application for a better performance of your device. LG Flash Tool can help

Photosync Companion
Date added: February, 16th 2023 - 3.49 MB (Free)

For synchronizing your pictures on your iPhone or other Apple devices on to your computer, you need this application. The process of transfer becomes quite

Odin3 3.14.4
Date added: December, 15th 2022 - 4.3 MB (Free)

Odin3 is designed to flash Samsung smartphones with stock firmware packages. Custom ROMs rarely flash with Odin, as this program does not recognize .zip extensions,

Koplayer 2.0.0
Date added: November, 20th 2020 - 603.44 MB (Free)

KOPLAYER is an Android emulator for PC, allowing you to play and use millions of Android apps on your computer and enjoy the experience with

Date added: September, 28th 2020 - 1.04 MB (Free)

Have you recently switched from iPhone to Android? Then you will want to sync your iTunes library with your Android library easily over WiFi or

3utools 2.63.003
Date added: September, 24th 2022 - 115.66 MB (Free)

To jailbreak the iOS devices, you need this application that works on all iOS Apple hardware, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPad. The interface of

Date added: September, 30th 2018 - 3.02 MB (Free)

AppCola is a Windows application that will allow you to manage multimedia files on your Apple mobile device, but not only, The application has a

Date added: October, 23th 2022 - 73.83 MB (Demo)

iTools is an alternative to iTunes that will allow you to manage your iPhone or iPad without being necessary to install the software from Apple.

Droid4x 0.11.7
Date added: August, 11th 2021 - 9.27 MB (Free)

There are lots of Android emulators available on the internet, but Droid4X is a rather high-performance Android emulator that will allow you to experience Android apps

Tongbu Assistant
Date added: January , 20th 2022 - 1.01 MB (Trial)

Tongbu Assistant helps you manage the content on the mobile devices that are using the iOS and Android operating systems. It also allows you to

Cydia Cloud 2.0.1
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 3 MB (Free)

By using Cydia Cloud, you can access third-party apps, which are restricted by Apple. But for installing this application, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Motorola Device Manager 2.5.4
Date added: February, 16th 2023 - 32.65 MB (Free)

This application has been specifically designed for the Motorola users to help them update the software of the device. Motorola Device Manager provides the facility

Reiboot 8.1.13
Date added: June, 01st 2022 - 1.78 MB (Free)

ReiBoot is an application that will help you recover your iOS data in just a couple of clicks and an intuitive interface that allows you

Recboot 1.3
Date added: November, 11th 2022 - 468.91 KB (Free)

If you don`t have time to send your phone to Recovery Mode, then it is a tool for you which you may find really useful,

Samsung Pc Studio
Date added: February, 06th 2023 - 54.34 MB (Free)

Samsung PC Studio lets you view, copy, edit and organize contacts, appointments, tasks, and any other personal information. It works as a sync application, thus