File Sharing

Sonarr 2.0.0 Build 5344
Date added: November, 14th 2022 - 7.74 MB (Free)

It is one of the TV applications that can provide you with real-time entertainment through its multiple programs and various features specifically designed. Sonarr can

Rclone 1.62.1
Date added: March, 16th 2023 - 15.99 MB (Free)

Rclone is the ideal choice for users who regularly deal with plenty of files, images, videos, and other stuff. You have to backup files online

Tixati 3.17
Date added: April, 07th 2023 - 16.77 MB (Free)

Tixati can be used to download torrent files with ease. Being one of the newest P2P systems that come free of charge, it manages data

Date added: September, 18th 2018 - 7.59 MB (Free)

Gygan will let you share your files over the Internet, and you will see that sharing them is quite an easy job to do. You

Droplr 4.3.12
Date added: November, 05th 2022 - 61.22 MB (Free)

Droplr can help you control the workflow with your photos in new ways. It is designed to be easy to use and effective. That is

Send Anywhere 23.05 Build 160852
Date added: May, 17th 2023 - 104.48 MB (Free)

It is a peer-to-peer service that allows you to transfer your files, videos, pictures, or share folders from one device to another, over the Internet, 0.43
Date added: March, 25th 2021 - 74.02 KB (Free)

RatioMaster.NET is a small utility which lets you improve the ratio when downloading files via torrent clients. You can take this tool with you everywhere

Utorrent 3.6.0 Build 46802
Date added: May, 04th 2023 - 16.03 MB (Free)

uTorrent is the tiniest file-sharing software. However, it is fitted with powerful yet light features that enable users to download torrent files in a smart

Mediafire Explorer 2.1.0
Date added: January , 04th 2023 - 5.47 MB (Free)

MediaFire Explorer lets you manage and explore all of the files you have on MediaFire, whether it’s files you’ve uploaded or downloaded. MediaFire is one

Electorrent 2.8.2
Date added: October, 23th 2022 - 87.04 MB (Free)

It is a remote control application that can make the use of various networks including uTorrent, qBittorrent, rTorrent and Transmission, quite easily. With Electorrent, you

Megasync 4.9.0
Date added: March, 07th 2023 - 47.17 MB (Free)

MEGAsync is a cloud utility by MEGA that will help you keep all of your files synchronized thanks to the background MEGA tool. You will

Bittorrent 7.11.0 build 46573
Date added: November, 08th 2022 - 19.77 MB (Free)

BitTorrent is the first download client to appear over the internet. Offering a full range of features and enabling users to gain access to high

Date added: November, 23th 2022 - 5.29 MB (Free)

Ares is a free file sharing utility that comes with an additional peer to peer community network. Improved over the years thanks to open source

Date added: October, 25th 2020 - 6.15 MB (Free)

SHAREit allows you to send and receive files to your computer and send them to other computers or mobile devices thanks to the simple application

Sendspace 1.6.3
Date added: July, 02nd 2021 - 11.7 MB (Demo)

SendSpacet is an application that allows you to share a large amount of data with a single click over the internet. The interface of the