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Icq 10.0 Build 46581
Date added: February, 12th 2022 - 113.96 MB (Free)

ICQ integrates into a new outstanding designed user interface features that cover the basics in any instant messaging tool. The program comes with high definition

Trillian 6.5.0 Build 19
Date added: May, 05th 2022 - 26.07 MB (Free)

Trillian is the new comer in chat technology that turns things on end and brings modernity up to another level. And we say that because

Mirc 7.71
Date added: October, 03rd 2022 - 3.25 MB (Trial)

mIRC has grown as one of the most used communication platforms after thousand of organizations and millions of people have turn to it as the

Slack 4.28.184
Date added: September, 28th 2022 - 107.07 MB (Free)

Slack is a team organization tool that will help you communicate with your coworkers, collaborate with them or your team on important projects, and manage

Altus 4.8.0
Date added: September, 27th 2022 - 128.87 MB (Free)

Altus is a tool that allows you to improve the look of WhatsApp messenger on your PC. It supports multiple accounts and various themes. It

Chatterino 2.3.2
Date added: May, 18th 2021 - 31.95 MB (Free)

Chatterino is a lightweight application that lets you chat with other users on Twitch. You achieve this directly through your desktop. It is intended to

Palringo 2.8.1
Date added: May, 04th 2018 - 1.62 MB (Free)

Palringo is a free app for group chat that works both for mobile and PC. Whereas you get to stay in touch with old friends,

Curse Client 7.5.6345.42403
Date added: January , 13th 2021 - 110.82 MB (Free)

Curse Client for Windows enables you to chat with your friends and people you play video games with. The field of in-game communication is a

Nertivia 0.3.15
Date added: November, 15th 2021 - 67.48 MB (Free)

Today, there are tons of ways how you can communicate with others online. You can use an app, or you can use a simple website

Ventrilo 4.1.1
Date added: November, 30th 2021 - 7.19 MB (Free)

Ventrilo provides the users with the extraordinary sound effects depending upon the needs of the individual user. You can easily customize how you want to

Qtox 1.17.6
Date added: March, 08th 2022 - 16.4 MB (Free)

If you are looking for a tool to provide you with a secure connection while conversing with friends or family, try qTox. In the online

Whatsapptime 15.2.1
Date added: October, 30th 2020 - 46.19 MB (Free)

WhatsappTime is an app that lets you connect to your WhatsApp accounts from your computer desktop and also chat with your friends. Whatsapp is a

Utox 0.18.1
Date added: January , 25th 2021 - 4.77 MB (Free)

uTox is free software that does everything that Skype does without eating up a lot of space on your computer. It is an excellent alternative

Kakaotalk 3.4.3 Build 3222
Date added: September, 26th 2022 - 80.97 MB (Free)

KakaoTalk for PC is an intuitive and modern communication application that you can use on your PC or smartphone. It has several features such as

Spark 2.9.4
Date added: November, 14th 2020 - 93.75 MB (Free)

Spark is a messaging application developed on Java, which provides the users with new means of communication and keeping in touch with one another. It