Email / Im / Voip

Em Client 9.2.1735
Date added: March, 30th 2023 - 112.69 MB (Trial)

eM Client offers full integration of the main e-mail services now in use (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), having the power to import all your data from

Zamtalk Messenger 13.0.1
Date added: September, 15th 2022 - 7.75 MB (Free)

If you want to chat with people from all over the internet, you have a lot of solutions, and this ZamTalk Messenger is one of

Xchat 2.8.9
Date added: October, 24th 2019 - 977.91 KB (Free)

XChat provides support for multiple chat rooms or IRC channels. As a free multi-platform chat client, things could have been better, as other similar programs

Miranda Im 0.10.80
Date added: February, 16th 2023 - 7.9 MB (Free)

Miranda IM is a multi protocol Open Source messenger client that embeds into a simple user interface some advanced features for which you don’t have

Imvu 544.16
Date added: March, 24th 2023 - 36.23 MB (Free)

IMVU is a popular communication application that’s accessible to a variety of users. It helps you create effective and affordable communication and craft your own

Yahoo! Messenger 0.8.231
Date added: February, 25th 2019 - 44 MB (Free)

Yahoo! Messenger certainly needs no presentation as it remains one of the most used chat client that comes for free except for a few ads

Oovoo 7.0.4
Date added: September, 25th 2018 - 60.29 MB (Free)

ooVoo addressed the web, the desktop and mobiles as a video chat client coming from the future. It allows up to 12 simultaneously free video

Curse Client 7.5.6345.42403
Date added: September, 03rd 2020 - 110.82 MB (Free)

Curse Client for Windows enables you to chat with your friends and people you play video games with. The field of in-game communication is a

Thunderbird 102.9.1
Date added: March, 29th 2023 - 51.62 MB (Free)

Thunderbird needs no presentation indeed but only a quick review of its recent improvements. One of the least complicated e-mail client to be created, this

Imo 1.4.65
Date added: February, 05th 2023 - 35.55 MB (Free)

It is a social media application that provides video calling and instant messaging features for the users to connect them to their friends and family