Email / Im / Voip

Incredimail 5.86 Build 4332
Date added: January , 08th 2019 - 10.77 MB (Free)

IncrediMail takes the fun and puts it into mail. Or, at least, it tries to by allowing users add their personal photos as backgrounds for

Nimbuzz 2.9.5
Date added: February, 05th 2023 - 27.34 MB (Free)

Nimbuzz is yet another free messaging client delivered to you by some communication enthusiast who though cheaper is better. We say cheaper because this chat

Facebook Messenger 2.1.4814.0
Date added: April, 13th 2018 - 481.95 KB (Free)

Facebook Messenger is an extension of the Facebook usual chat service delivered for years now with no issues whatsoever. The idea was to allow users

Inky 4.1.0
Date added: October, 16th 2020 - 64.81 MB (Free)

Suppose you are looking for a simple and efficient email client for Windows. In that case, the answer is Inky, simplified software for the bored

Telegram Desktop 4.8.3
Date added: June, 03rd 2023 - 35.02 MB (Free)

Telegram Desktop focuses on security while allowing you to share data information and files. You can access your contacts from different platforms using this utility.

Pegasus Mail 4.80.1028
Date added: September, 27th 2022 - 13.55 MB (Free)

Pegasus Mail is one of the oldest e-mail clients still alive and used by a constant number of users. Suitable for a single or for

Whatsapp For Pc 2.2326.10.0
Date added: June, 23th 2023 - 120.49 MB (Free)

WhatsApp for PC allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family from anywhere. You can install it on your home or work

Semaphor 2.2.0
Date added: April, 07th 2019 - 50.18 MB (Trial)

Semaphor is a perfect chat application for your working team. It is a secure solution for group messaging and of course file sharing without needed

Signal Desktop 6.22.0
Date added: June, 22th 2023 - 112.02 MB (Free)

It is one of the modern applications that can provide you with the solution to all your communication needs by supporting the messaging and audio

Icq 23.2.0 Build 48119
Date added: April, 21th 2023 - 103.88 MB (Free)

ICQ integrates into a new outstanding designed user interface features that cover the basics in any instant messaging tool. The program comes with high definition

Trillian 6.5 build 27
Date added: March, 17th 2023 - 30.02 MB (Free)

Trillian is the new comer in chat technology that turns things on end and brings modernity up to another level. And we say that because

Mirc 7.72
Date added: November, 28th 2022 - 3.3 MB (Trial)

mIRC has grown as one of the most used communication platforms after thousand of organizations and millions of people have turn to it as the

Slack 4.32.122
Date added: May, 02nd 2023 - 103.87 MB (Free)

Slack is a team organization tool that will help you communicate with your coworkers, collaborate with them or your team on important projects, and manage

Date added: October, 15th 2022 - 207.04 MB (Trial)

If you are looking for better management of your emails, then using Mailbird is a good option. You can manage multiple accounts through a single

Windows Live Mail 16.4.3528.0331
Date added: December, 18th 2022 - 130.97 MB (Free)

Windows Live Mail brings together several mail related functions every internet depended is in need of. Able to manage multiple mail accounts, calendars and contacts