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Git For Pc 2.34.1
Date added: November, 26th 2021 - 46.9 MB (Free)

Git for PC is an application that offers Windows users a way to use Git on their Windows devices, even if you’re not an expert

Cmder 1.3.19
Date added: January , 17th 2022 - 10.03 MB (Free)

Cmder is a simple to use tool that helps you provide an alternative to the Windows Command Prompt utility. If you can`t use Windows Command

Texmaker 5.0.4
Date added: January , 05th 2020 - 62.64 MB (Free)

It is a text editor, but it contains some features that are not part of the general text editors. That is because Texmaker aims to

Electron 16.0.7
Date added: January , 12th 2022 - 77.73 MB (Free)

Electron is solely designed for developers to provide them with the opportunity to create a cross-platform application. It can ensure the creation of an application

Dnspy 6.1.7
Date added: November, 01st 2020 - 22.47 MB (Free)

dnSpy is a tool that allows you to manage obfuscated code with a large variety of specific tools at your disposal. Any software engineer got

Bluej 5.0.0
Date added: January , 29th 2021 - 230.62 MB (Free)

Looking for a Java instructor online? You can choose BlueJ. It contains all the relevant components to be used for the perfect execution of JavaScript.

Xamarin Studio 5.10.1 Build 6
Date added: February, 10th 2021 - 2.64 MB (Demo)

If you are a developer and looking for the applications that can provide you with ease in developing the website and mobile apps for the

Date added: October, 07th 2020 - 90.89 MB (Trial)

To create prototypes across different platforms, Mockplus has all the necessary features. This application acts as a medium to develop prototypes before you can cover

Appium 1.22.0
Date added: September, 27th 2021 - 238.74 MB (Free)

Appium is a tool to test mobile and hybrid applications. If you need to try such an application, you can use this web-based tool specially