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Geany 1.37.1
Date added: November, 08th 2020 - 15.88 MB (Free)

If you are looking for a simple text editor that can help you manage your text with GTK+ toolkit, then Geany is the product you

Notetab Light 7.2
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 1.97 MB (Free)

NoteTab Light remains one of the most widely used Notepad replacements, mostly because it compiles an impressive number of features. The simple tabbed interface allows

Bluegriffon 3.1
Date added: October, 13th 2020 - 252.91 MB (Demo)

BlueGriffon is a content editor that was engineered through the use of Firefox’s rendering engine, namely Gecko. At first sight, it appears to be a

Textpad 9.2.0
Date added: April, 02nd 2023 - 11.04 MB (Trial)

Are you stuck with the extra features that most of the editing tools and applications installed on your computer provide? You can’t manage the real

Typora 1.6.5
Date added: May, 18th 2023 - 69.29 MB (Free)

If you work with markdown in any sense, then having a solid editor is key. This goes for web designers, developers, and marketers alike. Oftentimes,

Aptana Studio 3.7.2
Date added: December, 08th 2018 - 144.24 MB (Free)

Aptana Studio is an open source web development environment suited for the latest browser technology, meaning HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Rails and Python. One

Context 0.98.6
Date added: October, 02nd 2020 - 1.58 MB (Free)

If you need a fast, robust and reliable free text editor, ConTEXT would be one of the best options for you. It comes with a

Metrotextual 2.0.1
Date added: January , 09th 2019 - 1.22 MB (Free)

MetroTextual is a Windows text editor inspired by Microsoft’s Metro Design Language and is dedicated to web developers. This software has a minimalist interface that

Text Editor Pro 27.1.0
Date added: May, 02nd 2023 - 6.79 MB (Free)

Text Editor Pro allows you to process HTML files, as well as Python, Ruby, Perl, or Fortran files, which will help you highlight certain syntax

Phpnotepad 2.1.1
Date added: March, 05th 2019 - 2.24 MB (Free)

Nowadays writing code has become an essential job across the world. If you are a coder, you are probably using great tools to do the

Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 3.19 MB (Free)

Hexadecimal code is not very easy to understand and edit if you have identified any error. However, by using HxD, you can manage to edit

Rj Texted 15.84
Date added: April, 03rd 2023 - 33.18 MB (Free)

RJ TextEd is a text and source editor that also features Unicode support. It is compatible with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and ASP in terms

Gedit 2.30.1
Date added: November, 11th 2022 - 22.81 MB (Free)

One of the text editors for programmers that can help them in managing different aspects of programming along with multiple other features is Gedit. It

Rejbrand Text Editor
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 2.14 MB (Free)

Rejbrand Text Editor comes in a simple and menu-based format through which you can have access to various features. Compared with one of Windows’s default

Jedit 5.6.0
Date added: September, 03rd 2020 - 4.72 MB (Free)

jEdit is the result of numerous years of work, mainly into plug-ins. The result is an advanced text editor for programmers around the world, who