Developer Tools

Commandui 2.6.5
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 29.77 MB (Free)

With CommandUI, you can easily enhance your interaction and experience with command-line applications, as you’ll be able to define the characteristics of the interface and

Date added: October, 13th 2020 - 20.55 MB (Demo)

TopStyle is an HTML5 and CSS3 editor with the latest technologies that go into modern web pages. Tags, properties, auto-completion, and suggestions make the use

Cypher Notepad
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 27.13 MB (Free)

When you’re handling your data and documents on the internet or your computer, there’s always a danger of data theft. Nowadays, encryption is an important

Date added: May, 13th 2022 - 2.54 MB (Free)

It is not easy being a software developer. In many cases, it’s not the writing of the code that’s taking most of your time; it’s

Bluej 5.1.0
Date added: December, 22th 2022 - 234.48 MB (Free)

Looking for a Java instructor online? You can choose BlueJ. It contains all the relevant components to be used for the perfect execution of JavaScript.

Popsql 1.0.115
Date added: June, 22th 2023 - 174.65 MB (Trial)

PopSQL is an excellent software that can help your team members deal with SQL-based projects. You can communicate and operate on the SQL framework in

Atom 1.63.1
Date added: November, 23th 2022 - 192.85 MB (Free)

Atom is a text editor that you can customize based on your individual needs. You won’t imagine how customizable it is and how many benefits

Date added: August, 12th 2022 - 14.91 MB (Free)

Firebird works like a relational database to provide standard ANSI SQL features on different platforms. It adapts both to single-user models and company models that

Xamarin Studio 5.10.1 Build 6
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 2.64 MB (Demo)

If you are a developer and looking for the applications that can provide you with ease in developing the website and mobile apps for the

Phpmyadmin 5.2.0
Date added: May, 12th 2022 - 13.46 MB (Free)

phpMyAdmin goes by this name because it represents a tool that has been written in PHP for the sole purpose of managing MySQL, MariaDB, and

Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 90.89 MB (Trial)

To create prototypes across different platforms, Mockplus has all the necessary features. This application acts as a medium to develop prototypes before you can cover

Nsis 3.08
Date added: September, 26th 2021 - 1.48 MB (Free)

NSIS is open-source and script-driven software that lets developers create installers and use other software pieces to create complete solutions when it comes to Windows

Notepad++ 8.5.2
Date added: April, 07th 2023 - 4.26 MB (Free)

Notepad++ replaces Notepad and includes a free source code editor, thus supporting several languages. It is both fast and small because, written in C++, it

Msi Wrapper
Date added: February, 17th 2023 - 3.29 MB (Demo)

If you’re after a simple app that will help you transform your EXE files into MSI files, then MSI Wrapper is the perfect app for

Pinegrow Web Editor 7.5
Date added: June, 01st 2023 - 135.23 MB (Trial)

Pinegrow Web Editor is a website development and editing tool. With this fantastic application, you can edit the web pages or create the pages from