Developer Tools

Notetab Light 7.2
Date added: April, 24th 2018 - 1.97 MB (Free)

NoteTab Light remains one of the most widely used Notepad replacements, mostly because it compiles an impressive number of features. The simple tabbed interface allows

Bluegriffon 3.1
Date added: October, 13th 2020 - 252.91 MB (Demo)

BlueGriffon is a content editor that was engineered through the use of Firefox’s rendering engine, namely Gecko. At first sight, it appears to be a

Laragon 5.0.0
Date added: May, 27th 2021 - 1.93 MB (Free)

Laragon was launched as a SaaS service for people who wanted to create apps easily and quickly without the inconvenience of extensive programming. It’s a

Textpad 8.8.0
Date added: June, 02nd 2021 - 6.01 MB (Trial)

Are you stuck with the extra features that most of the editing tools and applications installed on your computer provide? You can’t manage the real

Typora 0.11.18
Date added: November, 18th 2021 - 64.96 MB (Free)

If you work with markdown in any sense, then having a solid editor is key. This goes for web designers, developers, and marketers alike. Oftentimes,

Aptana Studio 3.7.2
Date added: December, 08th 2018 - 144.24 MB (Free)

Aptana Studio is an open source web development environment suited for the latest browser technology, meaning HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Rails and Python. One

Context 0.98.6
Date added: October, 02nd 2020 - 1.58 MB (Free)

If you need a fast, robust and reliable free text editor, ConTEXT would be one of the best options for you. It comes with a

Git For Windows 2.31.1
Date added: March, 28th 2021 - 44.79 MB (Free)

If you are interested in programming, then management of the source code and version control are necessary functions that you should be looking after. With

Metrotextual 2.0.1
Date added: January , 09th 2019 - 1.22 MB (Free)

MetroTextual is a Windows text editor inspired by Microsoft’s Metro Design Language and is dedicated to web developers. This software has a minimalist interface that

Komodo Edit 12.0.1 build 18441
Date added: May, 11th 2020 - 74.78 MB (Free)

Komodo Edit is an application that works an advanced IDE while providing the users with the support to the various programming language, including CSS, HTML,

Sandboxie 5.45.0
Date added: December, 10th 2020 - 2.34 MB (Trial)

Sandboxie does the job of a virtualization engine and runs any program you may have in an isolated space so that no changes are made

Intel Haxm 7.6.5
Date added: November, 28th 2020 - 512.24 KB (Free)

Intel HAXM, or Intel Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager, is an application that will help you control and manage your Android and IntelVT emulations and enabled

Weka 3.9.5
Date added: February, 18th 2021 - 118.68 MB (Free)

Weka is a machine algorithm learning application that can help data analysts solve different issues using data mining concepts. You can use it directly on

Anaconda Distribution 2020.07
Date added: October, 07th 2020 - 397.32 MB (Free)

If you need to perform Python/R data science operations on any of your devices, you can use this application. Anaconda Distribution (Python 3.7) can handle

Postgresql 14.0
Date added: October, 01st 2021 - 277.01 MB (Free)

PostgreSQL benefits from 15 years of active development, leading to the unlimited database size, unlimited rows per table, and unlimited indexes per table. The Open