Compression And Backup

Syncfolders 3.5.011
Date added: January , 13th 2021 - 1.32 MB (Free)

SyncFolders can synchronize the content of two folders even if inside them there are other subfolders. And there is absolutely no problem if the respective

Date added: September, 03rd 2019 - 15.48 MB (Free)

Duplicati is the software to choose when you need to back sensitive data online. And by online storage we mean cloud services and remote file

Cloneapp 2.15.606
Date added: October, 25th 2020 - 231.74 KB (Free)

CloneApp provides you with the ease of creating a backup to your computer, especially when it comes to the registry files. However, registry files are

Samsung Recovery Solution
Date added: June, 10th 2021 - 101.45 MB (Free)

For the users of Samsung laptop, recovering the contents of the hard disk must not be an issue anymore. With this application, you can manage

Powerarchiver 2021 20.00.73
Date added: January , 25th 2021 - 37.19 MB (Trial)

PowerArchiver is a complete solution if you’re looking to manipulate files, transfer them through cloud services, archive them, compress them into ZIP or RAR files,

Aomei Backupper 6.6.1
Date added: September, 30th 2021 - 117.18 MB (Free)

AOMEI Backupper is an application that allows the users to backup, restore, sync, and clone the entire Windows or chunks of data located on your

Card Recovery 6.10 Build 1210
Date added: June, 30th 2021 - 826.32 KB (Demo)

Card Recovery presents itself as the leading photo recovery system especially aimed at compromised memory cards used in digital cameras and phones. For a limited

Recuva 1.53.1087
Date added: May, 05th 2021 - 5.22 MB (Free)

Recuva spares you the effort of creating a new document after you have accidentally deleted the first one. Additionally, it saves you from the problems

Bandizip 7.16 Build 39789
Date added: June, 30th 2021 - 9.31 MB (Free)

Bandizip is a free compression tool that uses a well-known ZIP algorithm to create archives and extract them as fast as a multi-core CPU can

Reuschtools 4.31
Date added: September, 29th 2021 - 1.35 MB (Trial)

Reuschtools is a comprehensive and intuitive backup application that will enable you to create backups of your OS and your folders, which helps you prevent

7-zip 19.00
Date added: September, 03rd 2019 - 1.13 MB (Free)

7-Zip is an Open Source compression tool that works best with 7z format archives. Whereas the highest compression ratio is ensured with 7z format, results

Easeus Todo Backup Build 20180816
Date added: July, 30th 2021 - 92.93 MB (Free)

It is one of the applications to create efficient backups of all your files present in your computer whether they are your general files or

Winzip 25.0 Build 14273
Date added: May, 06th 2021 - 51.73 MB (Trial)

WinZip brings to the table the latest compression technologies on the market, including social sharing and cloud storage services. And that’s not all, because the

Rar Extract Frog 7.0.0
Date added: June, 30th 2021 - 1.09 MB (Free)

RAR Extract Frog is a lightweight and simple tool for extracting RAR archives with ease and choosing the extract’s location with ease. RAR archives are

Date added: January , 18th 2021 - 1.78 MB (Free)

If you are looking for a good compression solution, then jZip can turn out to be an excellent choice for you. It will be pretty