Latest updates

Ocenaudio 3.11.12
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

An application that works as an audio editor, ocenaudio will provide the users with a different experience. The interface of the application is modern and

Gyazo 4.3.1
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Trial)

Gyazo is a tool to help you in capturing and uploading your pictures, videos, and gifs in seconds. You need to click the screenshots, and

Mp3tag 3.15
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

MP3TAG is a tag editor that you can use to edit the metadata of your audio files quickly. Metadata appears in iTunes, Winamp, and other

Avira Security
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

Avira Security is a great antivirus solution used by millions of people worldwide. It features the Web Guard option, available with the toolbar activated, providing

Firealpaca 2.8.0
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

FireAlpaca is an excellent image editor because it will allow users to create and even edit any image they would like without any issue. It

Gdevelop 5 5.0.134
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

To create your own games, you can utilize GDevelop. It will allow you to develop games across multiple platforms. The best part is that you

Plex Media Server
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

Plex Media Server is a media center for playing multimedia content, such as videos, TV shows, music, photos, and movies and stream them to other 4.3.11
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

Paint.NET comes with plenty of basic features, such as layer support and unlimited undo. As a program intended to replace Microsoft Paint, this has proven

Dropbox 149.4.4568
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

Dropbox is a file hosting service and application. In essence, it is a cloud storage service that offers file synchronization services. It is a magical

Glasswire 2.3.413
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Demo)

Suppose you think that your computer is not secure and want to detect the threats that can create your system’s problems. In that case, GlassWire

Ultra Virus Killer
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Demo)

Ultra Virus Killer is an application that can provide you with the facility to fix the common problems that your Windows can face. Apart from

Vpn Gate Client Plug-in 2022.05.25
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

When you browse online, you need to be secured, and if you don`t have a tool that secures your connection, your private data may be

Autorun Organizer 5.18
Date added: May, 25th 2022 - (Free)

If you need to initiate specific programs when the computer boots, then you can use Autorun Organizer as it can help inefficient management of such

Game Capture Hd
Date added: May, 24th 2022 - (Free)

If you are fond of games, then you’ll probably be excited to share your progress with the other game players. Now, this is possible through

Tablacus Explorer 22.5.20
Date added: May, 23th 2022 - (Free)

Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager. You can easily and quickly organize your directories and files. By saving them in an XML file, you