Latest updates

Signal Desktop 6.10.1
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

It is one of the modern applications that can provide you with the solution to all your communication needs by supporting the messaging and audio

Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that will create an Android virtual environment on your computer. This environment will allow you to run your favorite games

Netcut 3.0.220
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

NetCut is a great software that allows a regular user to check. All the devices (MACs and IPs) are connected to the private network, wireless,

Em Client 9.2.1713
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Trial)

eM Client offers full integration of the main e-mail services now in use (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), having the power to import all your data from

Battery Monitor 10.0
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

Battery Monitor is a small widget-like application that can allow you to view the status of the battery of your system. It comes with a

Hybrid 2023.03.17.1
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

Hybrid represents a single complete package for enabling you to convert and edit your videos, and you can also perform a variety of different functions

Bnetlauncher 2.19
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

Bnetlauncher allows you to launch your games right from Steam. It will log you right into the Blizzard client. This way, you can use

Videopad 13.21
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Shareware)

VideoPad is a popular video editing and manipulation tool that lets you manage and edit videos or clips, merge multiple clips into a single video,

Free42 3.0.18
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

You can make complex calculations on your computer concerning the math expression without putting any pressure on your computer. Free42 is dependent on HP-42S RPN,

Universal Media Server 13.2.1
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

Universal Media Server runs on a DLNA compliant UPnP engine. It is compatible with a wide variety of media devices, from Apple iPhone and Samsung

Playnite 10.12
Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Free)

Are you looking for a unified user interface for playing your favorite games? Try Playnite, a software that allows the gamers to organize their games

Date added: March, 18th 2023 - (Demo)

FlyVPN has different server locations worldwide, and it means that all of the blocked content can be unlocked if you are going to use this

Microsoft Edge 111.0.1661.44
Date added: March, 17th 2023 - (Free)

Just a few short years ago, there was really only Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for most web users if they wanted a great experience. Now,

Trillian 6.5 build 27
Date added: March, 17th 2023 - (Free)

Trillian is the new comer in chat technology that turns things on end and brings modernity up to another level. And we say that because

Date added: March, 17th 2023 - (Free)

Skype is all about sharing ideas and feelings, a chat client intended to cover communication from all perspectives. Call, see, text, and hear your friends