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To manage the time between work and breaks, you need this application as it can provide you with the necessary settings to do that. YAPA is an application that consists of two different themes that can help you in managing the appearance and behavior in the different versions. The theme provides you with access to a clock that can measure your work time and the break time. Additionally, the intervals for each of the breaks and the work time are also recorded in the application.

The other theme is known as the Motivational Theme. In this theme, there is a motivation quote attached to the clock as well. However, in this case, the clock of the theme is a bit smaller than the default theme.

The color of the themes can also be changed. Black and white are the two color options that you have. You can also make a lot of changes in the display of the clock, but the exact changes allowed by YAPA depends on the theme that you are using. Opacity and size of the clock, flashing of animations and Pomodoro status can be adjusted by using this application.

It also allows you to adjust the time interval of the break and overall length of the time. You can use the default sound available for notification or can also provide your audio to the application for notifications.

You can get YAPA from the taskbar’s settings or can send the application in the tray as well. So, it is not necessary to use it every time you log in to your system. Similarly, accessing it from the tray is quite handy, making it available for you every time. Furthermore, the configuration is not complicated at all. So, you can expect to work for you with great ease.

YAPA provides you a way to manage your work and efficiently break timings to improve your productivity.

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