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If you find yourself wanting to be able to emulate your old Commodore computer, then it can be a challenge. After all, this is a fairly old technology. Still, there are ways to accomplish this. WinUAE is such a program. It offers a comprehensive list of features and helps you revive ancient computers in a modern-day environment.

Easy Installation

It doesn’t take much time at all to get up and to run. A few clicks and it will fire up almost right away. Once you launch it, you’ll need the right ROM file. You can add this from the config panel, which is fairly easy to find. From here, you’ll also notice a lot more options. You can tinker with the whole machine, including hardware.

Configuring the Emulation

WinUAE provides support for various computer types and CPUs. This gives the user greater control over that emulation and cache. The chips it uses are able to be customized as well. You can emulate a floppy, a CD, or most other drive types. This makes it stand out amongst other emulators. Some can do more than one type, but very few can emulate at that level.

Setting Up Your Computer

You’ll need to go into the settings first. Then, configure your display and make sure the sound system is connected. You can also specify different gaming ports. This includes mouse and keyboard support. At this time, trackpad support is not offered on this version.


Being able to emulate really changes your computer experience. WinUAE does a great job of having what you need for solid emulation. You can use older hardware and still get great results. It seems to have been developed with the end-user in mind.

With plenty of tools, menus, and features, we think you’ll find it a welcome addition to your Windows setup.

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