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WinToUSB is an easy to use tool which will allow you to install and also to run a functional version of Windows on an external drive or even a USB flash drive. You will see that this tool will be pretty efficient. It will only require you to do a few steps and only a few minutes to create a fully working Windows on your stick.

You can add Windows 10/8/7 on your stick, and you will see that it is possible even to clone an existing Windows OS to a USB drive. This tool is going to have a lot of features which will help you to have a more comfortable experience when it comes to creating a fully functional Windows on an external hard drive or even on a USB flash drive.

The wizard will have an easy to use interface with some step-by-step instructions to create a Windows to go on your USB drive. It will be possible to create a Windows to go directly from VDHX, ISO, WIM, ESD, VHD or even DVD/CD drive. Cloning an existing Windows installation will also be possible with this tool. You can hot clone Windows without having to restart the clone source computer.

Windows Installation USB Creator is a thing that you should know about because thanks to this feature, it will be possible to create a Windows Installation USB drive from a Windows installation ISO image by following a few simple steps.

WinToUSB will also support building a bootable Windows PE USB drive which can help you transfer the contents of a Windows PE image to a USB drive. It will also be possible for this tool to make the USB drive that you are using bootable.

This tool has a friendly interface, and it is easy to understand regarding its functionalities.

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September, 14th 2022
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7.1 Release 2
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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