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Winja has been designed to provide your system with a higher level of security because of its anti-malware features. It can scan your computer for the detection of viruses or any malware content. It does not examine the files on its own rather. It has been designed as engine scanner uploader. Because of this characteristic, it sends the files in your system to the online scanning tools through VirusTotal API. Once the scan is complete, it can retrieve the finalized reports. You can see these reports and analyze them to get a better overview of the situation of your system.

The reports generated through Winja can be seen on the desktop, and no browser is required for it. There is a particular desktop widget available for the users, as well. It does not need much of your computer resources and can ensure that you can have easy access to this tool.

Additionally, there is a drag and drop feature available in this utility, which allows you to drag a file to the widget and submit it for scanning directly. Similarly, accessing the report after the scanning process is complete is also possible.

You don’t have to submit only files for scanning and review instead. It supports URL scanning as well. The URLs are assigned with a harmless executable file name. Once the scanning process is done, this temporary file is automatically deleted.

Similarly, checking the applications running on the system can also be browsed for virus detection.

The interface of the application is simple and neatly arranged in the form of different tabs. So that you can access the various functionalities of this application with great ease, you can consider it one of the best alternatives for the web-based anti-malware application.

Winja is an anti-malware application that can scan your files, URLs, and applications running on your system.

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November, 23th 2019
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7.1.7121 build 40185
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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