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Connecting to a wi-fi network with a perfect signal isn’t always a simple job. Still, you have the best solution for working with WifiInfoView. This application scans the wireless networks in your area and displays all information about MAC Address, PHY Type, Network Name (SSID), Signal Quality, Frequency, Channel Number, and more.

When you start the application, you will see all the names of networks available. You can sort them by what criteria you need, but recommended is to choose the best signal quality because you need to have an excellent bandwidth for perfect navigation.

WifiInfoView is coming with a summary mode where you can see all detected wireless networks sorted by channel number, the router’s manufacturer, maximum speed limit, and PHY type. You can select your connection and sort it by these options.

Using WifiInfoView is not a complicated task. It doesn’t require an installation process because it is a simple executable file, WifiInfoVIew.exe.

After you open this executable file, the list of detected wireless networks is displayed in the window appeared. You will be able to use the buttons and the options from this panel like Updating Rate if you need to increase the updating ratio.

In the top section, we find common buttons like File, Edit, View, Options, and Help. Also, we have some additional buttons that can help us save a specified network, such as modifying one or doing another search.

When you select a connection, in the bottom section of the window, the information about it will appear, but of course, for an inexperienced user, that numbers don’t say anything. Important is to have a good quality of the signal, the frequency to be up, and PHY type to be at the typical ratio.

Why is this application useful? Firstly WifiInfoView doesn’t require installation, which means the registry of your computer will suffer no modifications. The performance of your PC will not be affected!

This tool doesn’t have a complicated interface with many buttons, just essential buttons and information you need to choose what wireless network to use.

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