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Whale is an Internet browser with original features that you cannot find in traditional browsers. It is different from the other web browsers because of its smooth, catchy design.

It has been created in a way to grab the attention of the users. Additionally, the tools provided by it are also placed so that you use them in the best possible manner.

Some of the features that this browser provides for the users include organizing the bookmarks, maintaining the settings of the history, and downloads. Additionally, navigation in incognito mode and the use of extensions is also possible while using the application.

One of the features that would make you feel that you are using a different browser is viewing two tabs of the browser together. Additionally, a social sidebar available for you can ensure that you can access all the tools you could be looking for while browsing.

Some of the tools you can add in the sidebar are an alarm clock, calculator, and media player. You can choose your favorite tools and can adjust the sidebar accordingly.

Additionally, remembering the entire URL for finding a particular website is not essential anymore. You need to provide a few letters of the URL, and you’ll get the possible suggestions for the website. So, you can select it accordingly.

Moreover, the translation of words is no longer difficult. This browser supports the drag-and-drop feature. You can find the translation of a particular word just by dragging the name to Whale.

A unique feature by the name of Whale Belly is also part of this application. Through this feature, you can store the items you would like to review later. Similarly, taking a screenshot without leaving the browser is another feature that can make the browsing experience worthwhile.

Like all other browsers, synchronizing the account settings while using it from multiple devices is also possible. By default, on closing the browser, all the data would be automatically deleted. However, if you need to change this app’s functionality, you can on the settings of the browser and adjust them accordingly.

Multiple appearance modes are also available. You can change the skins or differentiate between the viewing modes to get the best possible experience.

Whale is one of the newest web browsers with many additional features that can make browsing easy and fun.

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April, 20th 2023
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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