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VSCView is a small utility that shows live gamepad input. It stays attached to a corner on your screen and adds more flair to your game streams. Your viewers will feel the intensity with which you are playing the game.

It recently got an update that added some exciting features and made this app more customizable. It can also be used for creating educational videos on gaming controls. The update removed old data forms and added support for the Sony DualShock. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use the software.

To install VSCView, you need .NET Framework and minimum CPU and memory requirements for your computer. The installation process is simple. Download the archive, unpack and open the executable file to have the applicatoin on your desktop. It doesn’t store any file on the drive. It helps with saving space and protecting privacy, but even the preferences are not saved.

So you have to configure the app after every launch by right-clicking on the main window and choosing one of the available themes. The app window can be dragged and moved across anywhere on the screen, but it has a fixed size. You cannot resize it by dragging or squeezing.

The default background color of the application can be changed for better visibility. The popular colors include pure black and white console. There are different themes available from which you can select one from the main window.

You can add more theme files in the Themes folder and have more options to choose from.

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