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Vidiot is an application to create videos from personal photos, images, or audio and video files. To be able to use it, you need a bit of understanding and practice. Despite the application’s clean looking interface, you’ll need to put in some effort to learn how the application works.

The built-in media allows you to preview the video clips and make adjustments directly on the timeline. You can transition effects between different clips. Fade in and fade out are amongst the most prominent ones.

Moreover, the app supports separate editing for audio and video streams. Such a feature allows you to adjust the level of sound, manage the opacity of the video. Rotation, scaling, and modification of the image’s position are also amongst the features of the application.

You can create backup files of the saved media. It is helpful if you plan to overwrite one or more of the files. Even if you cannot make the right changes in the fie, you can recover it back in the older version.

Vidiot is an application to edit your videos. The merge of video, audio, and images is possible through it.

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