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VidCoder is a free tool that helps you transform your MP4 videos into the MKV file format and rip your DVDs and Blu-Rays easily in batches so that you can have your video files in your preferred format.

It will also help you transform your DVDs and Blu-Rays and rip them in batches, which allows you have many files and video formats you want to convert or rip.

It comes with a very intuitive and somewhat simple interface. Operating this tool is very easy, and even if you’re a total beginner, you’ll be able to get a lot done with it. By using the simple drag-and-drop feature in this tool, you’ll be able to choose which files you want to change easily and transform them into other formats.

Simple to Use

This tool is created to be used by anyone. If you want to make changes to videos, transform them into other file formats, or make simple changes to them, it will serve you very well.

Of course, the main purpose is to create MKV files from the MP4 files you might have on your disk. It will also help you rip DVDs and Blu-Rays quite easily. But some even more advanced tools make this application a complete one.

Advanced Editing Tools

The application allows you to add or remove subtitles from videos or larger video files. You can add subtitles if they are in the SRT format quite easily. You can also configure some dedicated parameters of the videos. Cropping the clips is also possible, providing you with a complete suite of tools and features to alter your videos.


VidCoder is a simple and intuitive application that you can download for free. It will help you change your MP4 files into MKV files, but it also comes with many editing tools to alter videos easily.

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