Ultra Virus Killer

Ultra Virus Killer

June, 09th 2022 - Demo - 100% Safe
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Ultra Virus Killer is an application that can provide you with the facility to fix the common problems that your Windows can face. Apart from that, managing the cache and other features can help you optimize your computer’s performance.

UVK has an elegant interface that makes it easy to use. You can have multiple options to manage all the settings of your computer. But firstly, it is recommended to find the System Booster Component option. Through this option, you can scan your computer for a wide range of problems, creating difficulty in proper functioning. Some of the possible issues that your computer could be facing include invalid shell extensions, junk files, or shortcut invalidation.

Additionally, there is an uninstaller available with the application as an integral part. Using this component, you can uninstall the files and programs that have not been installed correctly or the ones that you don’t have to use. The uninstallation of files through this application ensures that no registry files or traces of these programs are left behind.

With this utility, you can also ensure that your computer’s vulnerable areas don’t get affected easily. It is not an anti-virus in the real sense, but it can provide you with the essential protection.

Moreover, this application also allows you to free up space from your computer by adequately arranging the files. Creating a restore point, baking up, defragmenting the drives, clearing cache, or rebuilding the icons cache are additional features that you can expect this application to provide you.

UVK also works as an autorun manager and the process explorer, helping in easy navigation and handling different programs.

Overall, Ultra Virus Killer is an application to help you in optimizing the performance of your computer.

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