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If you already consider yourself someone who is good at various types of video or photography, then you might consider upgrading your skills by using something a little more advanced. This means you probably already know about Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, and other pro software. Still, these might not be enough to really get you what you need. If this is the case, then consider getting Twixtor.

Twixtor is something that syncs up with all of the software above. It is a plugin that is compatible 100% with them. As an add-on, you won’t need to use much computing power to get it going. You can then apply a variety of effects. This includes acceleration, slow motion, and more. It lets you track objects and have intersections in ways that other apps simply don’t do.


The plugin is very accurate. That means your objects are not going to stretch and tear like they do a lot of times with similar devices. You can use slow motion or acceleration to get your objects just like you want them.

License Based

With this app, not everything comes free. It is necessary to pay for the license if you unlock it. This lets you get all those features mentioned above. But keep in mind that what you are paying for is the ability to edit your videos and use your favorite software as it is already. This can be a major upgrade for people who are used to doing things the old way.

A Good Software Choice for Pros

We think that after reviewing these pros will find it useful. It does come with many features that other software simply doesn’t provide. So you can get far more out of your workflow. It’s worth the price if you spend a lot of time editing.

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