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TweakPower allows you to adjust your system’s performance and make changes so that your computer runs in an optimized way by scheduling regular maintenance, performing cleanups, and more.

When you’re using your computer for prolonged periods every day, then you’re creating quite a lot of strain on it. And if you download files regularly, then you can expect the performance to decrease further. Once it gets clogged, it’s quite hard to unclog it, and you’ll probably need specialized software to help you do that.

TweakPower helps you do exactly that. It will enable you to tweak your system’s performance so that you’re able to maximize the potential of your computer and put it to good use. You can optimize many tasks and run the cleaner to get rid of things from the computer you don’t use.

Clean and Optimize Your PC

This app comes with some important tools that help you do both of those tasks. To clean the computer from the files that you don’t need, there’s a configurator that enables you to delete files you don’t need and those you haven’t used in a while. You can target the registry entries and web browsers, system settings, plugins, and more.

You can also optimize the shutdown and boot procedures. It makes sure you’re not running programs you don’t need at startup, and you can even tweak which ones you’ll run. On the dashboard, you can view your computer’s state, where you can then make changes and tweak the performance so that it’s suited to your needs.

You can choose from several operation modes, such as economy, standard, and turbo. The turbo mode will focus on your computer’s performance, and it will shut down the processes you don’t need and make sure that you’re getting the speed you need to run it smoothly.


TweakPower is a comprehensive tool for boosting your computer’s performance by performing a few simple tasks such as cleanup and optimization.

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