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The new intuitive and straightforward Trelby gets high praise from professional screenwriters all around the world. Its creative and engaging interface allows documentaries, movies, audio-visuals, television, theater, and video games scriptwriters to organize their thoughts smoothly and splendidly. The inbuilt functions such as auto pagination, spellchecker, and others allow easy formatting, revision, and creation of final presentations. You will always put forth your professional image with the least effort.

It has AI like or intelligent capabilities such as automatic screenplay formatting, which helps you to adhere to formatting guidelines quickly. For distraction-free writing without annoying popups and sidebars taking up a lot of space, writers can use full-screen mode. Trebly can automatically check for errors in the formatting. The various features of the app give greater control to the user in different ways. From defining color of text, font, background, to the setting of alignment, scriptwriters have the freedom to customize their screen to their preference.

For the overall analysis of the script, it gives detailed statistics and reports that provide a breakdown of action and dialogs per character. The inbuilt graphs show the active characters in the script and overall statistics of the script in terms of length and duration. The comparison tool allows scriptwriters to compare two versions side by side to pick the best one for the final draft.

Trelby, by default, saves your work in its format. However, it can be exported as commonly used TXT, HTML, RTF, Final Draft XML, or Fountain formats. The screenplays are written in Final Draft XML, Fountain, Celtx, ASTX, FADIEN, and TXT files that can be imported for editing. If required, the final draft can be exported to a read-only protected format, which is PDF and watermarked.

Other than the full-screen view, Trebly can be viewed in WYSIWYG mode and draft view mode. For the quick selection of character names, the application gives access to a name database from where scriptwriters can choose the names of their characters and gain access to new character ideas.

Trelby features and benefits:
  • User-friendly screenplay editor with intelligent spell checking, auto-completion, pagination, and formatting
  • Get access to 200,000 names through name database
  • Compare scripts and pick the best one
  • Supports fullscreen and WYSIWYG modes for writing
  • Import screenplays written in .fdx, .celtx, .fountain, .astx and .fadein formats
  • Export screenplays into HTML, PDF, .fdx and .fountain formats
  • Create reports based on the scene, dialogue and characters

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