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You can use TinyTask to record your screen activity and evaluate how you spend your time while working on your computer. Every action you make, like mouse click, the word you type, opening and closing of browser windows, mouse movement, etc. is recorded in a video format. You can analyze your habits and change certain things to improve your efficiency of the everyday work.

Also, this software is helpful for people who create video tutorials and presentations. The demonstrations done on the screen can be recorded and shared online.

The software itself is very lightweight. It does not consume much of the space on your hard drive or RAM while working. It records the screen activity and directly stores it on the hard drive in the folder of your preference.

The user interface of the program is based on a floating window type that offers full control of the recordings. The software has quick buttons for initiating and stopping of recordings. The hotkey shortcuts are available for opening the settings, adjusting the parameters, playing the recorded video, etc. All the recordings by default are stored in REC file format. They can be imported at any moment with the use of a feature.

Hotkeys are already assigned by default, but the configuration menu gives you the option to switch to another key shortcut for both starting and stopping recordings.

As the application is very lightweight and does not consume much of the CPU power, it does not affect the performance of your system. When it is not in use, you can minimize it, and it will stay in the tray. The main window can be moved anywhere on the screen, and the video format can be changed through the customization settings.

TinyTask overall is a great application that smoothly functions without any freezes like other related screen recording software. It is a stripped-down version of OBS screen recording software. With just a few clicks, you can get started, and most will not need a manual to work with for the first time.

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