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It is a text editor, but it contains some features that are not part of the general text editors. That is because Texmaker aims to create documents with LaTex commands.

Texmaker has the capability of decoding the Tex files. After decoding them, you can expect to edit them according to your needs. The interface of the application is divided into several sections, which include the navigation pane and the view pane. The purpose of the view pane is to provide you with updated information as soon as you update the code in the file.

By using it, you can expect to work on several files simultaneously. Some of the significant features that you can get through this application include spelling check, folding of code and highlighting of text with the custom color. Moreover, this application also helps you in auto-completion of the code and reverse search.

Similarly, adding comments and references to the files are also possible within this text editor. Managing the formatting of the code, presence of Greek symbols and organizing it to different sections are some of the other functionalities that you can expect from this application.

Another unique feature of  this application is the insertion of LaTex commands for code writing. It can make the overall process quite easier. Similarly, the output options that the application provides are huge to facilitate the users. Some of them include TEX, BIB, STY and some others.

Overall, Texmaker can provide the text editing facilities along with features to ensure ease in the process of code writing.

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