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TC Games

April, 23th 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can mirror your Android phone to the computer screen using TC Games. The primary purpose of mirroring is to play Android games using the controls of the computer. It works efficiently with all the Android devices.

After downloading the application on your computer, you need to connect your mobile through a USB. The resolution of the image can be adjusted to 1080p to get a clear view of the game.

The other features of this application include the game recording pausing and even recovering the game’s data at any time.

It does not use much of the CPU and other resources. So, you can use it quite effectively without disturbing the other applications and programs of your computer. The facility of the QR code can make the mirroring of the screen easy and handy.

You can even recover all your shortcuts with a single key using this application. Similarly, you can also program a macro for making it perform some functions.

With this application, you can even broadcast your game live without having any problems.

TC Games is a tool to mirror your Android screen on your computer, especially for playing games.

Technical Details

Last Update:
April, 23th 2022
Latest Version:
3.0 Update 2310255
MD5 checksum:
89.69 MB
Supported OS:
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7