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One of the applications to provide you with the benefits of better organization and handling your applications is TagSpaces. With this application, you can expect your files to be located in a faster way.

Moreover, you can assign tags to your files to make them unique from the other similar files. You can even look at the files’ content before you decide to open a specific file.

The interface of the application intuitive. Thus it allows setting up the application within minutes. You can start the search process from a specific folder by specifying a name for the file. With these details, this application lets you find the file required. With the mouse clicks only, you view the file content, create tags, and even rename the file for future usage.

Moreover, you can set the priority level of your files too. This feature can help you in the categorization of the files based on your needs. Some viewing modes are part of this application as well. So, you can choose between the grid layout, list, or folder visualization.

TagSpaces is a handy application for keeping all your computer data organized and easier to find and use at the time of need.

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