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If you want to enhance the capabilities of the PuTTY SSH and Telnet client, then SuperPuTTY can turn out to be a right decision for you. This tool will let you launch multiple tabs, and it will offer you the possibility to efficiently manage many sessions of PuTTY using a comprehensive graphical environment.

It will offer the user the advantages and tools brought by PuTTY, and it will feature a lot of protocols and types. This tool relies on .NET Framework to function, and this is why before installing this tool, is essential to be sure that .NET Framework is installed on your PC.

Make sure also to have PuTTy installed too because it is necessary to specify its full path when configuring SuperPuTTY. Thanks to the tab-based interface it will be pretty easy to set your workspace and also organize the PuTTY sessions. It will be pretty easy to organize and lunch as many sessions as you want by using this tool.

You will also see that you will have the chance to use the external terminal. This emulator is made especially for advanced users, and it will enable you to change the connection options. The protocol switching and the network management can also be an easy thing to do if you decide to use this tool out because this app will provide you with the needed tools.

You can set keyboard controls, alarms and even notifications with this tool. Tweaking the behavior of the terminal screen is also possible with this tool, and there will also be a lot of different things to be done while using this one out such as changing the proxy settings and the protocol types.

Sessions can easily be imported and exported, and layouts will be saved for later use. The main window of this tool will allow you to switch quickly between sessions, hosts and used protocols.

SuperPuTTY will also allow you to link your machine to multiple computers and also control all of the workstations using a GUI.

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