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If you want to work more efficient, it’s advisable to use StrokesPlus, an application that lets you stay on top of your work. You should always automate your work where you can, and this also includes your mouse buttons. StrokesPlus is one of the best apps that will help you assign various actions to your mouse based on your gestures.

Perform Actions with Gestures

One way you can become more productive is by making sure you take advantage of the repeated patterns of your work. One of those patters are your gestures, where you can assign various gestures to your actions on your computer.

StrokesPlus lets you control different mouse gestures and assign them to specific actions. You can copy, paste, and cut the content you have in your clipboard, for example. Or, you can manage the audio you listen to by jumping to the next section, song, track, and play or pause the current track. You can also redo current actions, lower or increase the volume, or close, maximize, minimize windows.

You can also instruct the app to ignore certain gestures and focus on the ones you need. You can also use gestures to perform certain actions with your browser, such as bookmarking sites, switching to full screen, revealing the homepage, opening new links or tabs, etc.

Assign Hotkeys and Other Actions

In addition to the wide array of actions you can perform with this app, you’ll also assign hotkeys, create an ignore list, and store your Lua functions in a dedicated panel. There are many actions you can automate with this tool.


Most importantly, the app is very easy to use, mainly thanks to its user-friendly interface. Everything is clean and visible, even if you are a complete beginner. Connect your user’s mouse gestures to particular actions on your computer, such as managing clipboard content, media files, windows, and web browsers.

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