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You can use Stretchly to set essential reminders for yourself when working on your computer. These reminders can include taking breaks and other necessary tasks that are often not given due importance.

You can expect Stretchly to record your work and break timings without using much of your computer’s space. Moreover, it does not stay on your desktop all the time; it is somewhat reduced to the tray when you do not actively use it.

As soon as the break time starts, it comes at the top of all other applications and indicates that it is the time for a break. However, if you do not want to take one, you can minimize it again, and it will not interfere with the other applications.

An optimal time for taking breaks can be promoted to you. Sounds can be set to provide you the reminders. However, you cannot add any custom sound files.

Stretchly is an application to help you in keeping regular breaks while working on your computer.

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