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Now you can recover the Steam ID of the individuals who have accessed their Steam account from your computer. With this SteamIDFinder, you can get the administrative rights to monitor the Steam account of the users.

Additionally, SteamIDFinder can help you in competitive leagues where Steam ID completion is one of the mandatory conditions. Moreover, bragging rights are also possible through this application.

It manages to scan your computer for all the logs of Steam account. Through this scanning process, it recovers the Steam ID and the associated email address of the individuals. If you need this data, you can copy it to the clipboard and store it for future use.

This application is portable to use, so you can use it on any computer without facing any difficulties. Additionally, it does not require much of your computer’s space. Even using it is not hard for the beginners so that you can get most out of this application.

SteamIDFinder is an application to find the Steam ID and email address of the account holders who have logged into their accounts through a particular computer.

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