Sony Xperia Companion

Sony Xperia Companion

November, 18th 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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Sony Xperia PC Companion software is a set of software tools and applications you can use whenever you connect your Sony mobile device to your computer. The installation procedure is straightforward, permitting you to select from a wide variety of languages. You have to keep in mind that Sony Xperia Companion can serve more functions than merely updating your mobile phone.

Sony Xperia Companion works with the latest versions of Windows. If you’re still running Windows XP on your PC, you’ll need to keep using Sony PC Companion to manage your mobile phone.

Xperia Companion enables you to view, duplicate, or erase documents on your Xperia phone, check if there are any product updates to be installed, and reinstall the operating system, if the case,  because of the included “Software Repair” feature.

There’s no need to backup the entire device that takes an excessive amount of time and external storage. There are a couple of simple options that help things along, like the option to have the application start once you plug in your cell phone.

Sony Xperia Companion features and benefits:
  • Back up and restore your gadget content to/from PC
  • Update and repair phone software automatically with just a few clicks
  • Transfer content from Android or iOS to your new Xperia phone

Technical Details

Last Update:
November, 18th 2022
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75.51 MB
Supported OS:
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7