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SimplexNumerica is a comprehensive software application with a vast array of features available to you. Whether you’re looking to write some C++ code, create comprehensive charts, make 2D and 3D plots, or simply analyze various types of data, this application will be able to help you out.

It’s a slightly more complex application, especially for beginners, but once you get around the slightly more complex GUI, you realize just how powerful this application can be.

Comprehensive Features

The installation of the application is relatively straightforward. You simply need to follow the steps in the installation and then select your folder where you want your files installed.

After that, you’ll be presented with the comprehensive interface of the app. Granted, the interface is a bit cluttered, as it’s full of features. But if you already have a good understanding of those features, then mastering this interface will not be too much of a problem for you.

For complete beginners, there are tutorials and beginner’s guides on the SimplexNumerica website, where total beginners can learn about these more intricate features and get to grips with them easily.

It Has Many Examples and Supports Various Extensions

One of the best features of this app is its impressive library of sample scripts and examples. These will help you get to work quickly, and it will benefit almost any user of this platform. These examples include function plots, graph plots, math functions, histograms, and IIR filters. You’ll be able to get much work done with these examples.

Additionally, the application supports a wide variety of extensions that you can use for your work. These extensions include CSV, XLS, XLSX, DBF, MDB, and many other extensions. This is for importing files, while for exporting them, you only have CSV and XLS at your disposal. You can also save your projects as SXW and SX files and access them at any later moment.

Advanced Features

Through the application, you’ll have access to some quite complex tools that would otherwise be hard to get by. For example, you can create complex and comprehensive plots and charts of different types. These include science plots, or bar charts, pie charts, and others. Simultaneously, you can access some algorithms that will help you with the whole process and automate it.

If you’re looking to code in C++ with the app, then you should be aware it’s possible to create and manipulate CPP files, too. You can bookmark them and toggle them, and you can insert or remove breakpoints. You can compile, run, and then debug your code as well.

To conclude

SimplexNumerica is a great all-in-one app where you can easily create charts, code in C++, or simply access complex mathematical and statistical tools and manage algorithms with ease.

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