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One of the applications to provide you with network security is simplewall. The use of this application is essential because it can offer you the feature of filtering and blocking the services and protocols from your computer.

You can use simplewall as a tray icon or can use the main Window for this purpose. However, accessing it from the main Window is quite convenient. White list, blacklist, and trust no one mode are the three types of ways that you can expect from this application. By choosing one, you are managing the functioning of the application. So, make sure to select them in the right manner.

You can enable or disable the settings like DNS, NTP, DHCP and Windows update just by using a few clicks. You can even disable a particular application to access the network, depending upon your needs. The access granted or denied is also stored in the log files so that you can access them for later usage.

simplewall is a security application that can restrict or allow the network connection and the connection of specific applications to the network.

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