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ShowMyPC is an application to allow you to use the desktop of another user remotely through the internet. However, making the connection between possible requires the permission from the other user too along with the presence of ShowMyPC on the computer being accessed as well.

This application is ready to be used once the connection between both PC is established. For that purpose, a password is required. However, you don’t need any IP address, which can reveal your identity or location.

After the connection between two computers is established, you can use the other computer with your input hardware. You can transfer files and create tutorials to help other users with a task. However, the control of the PC is not very smooth. You can face the lag time in getting a particular job done. You can also manage the settings for making the accessibility easy and secure for both the computers.

ShowMyPC is a handy tool to be used for establishing remote connections between two computers without involving any IP dispute.

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