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Send Anywhere

May, 17th 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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It is a peer-to-peer service that allows you to transfer your files, videos, pictures, or share folders from one device to another, over the Internet, in an anonymous way. Send Anywhere works without involving cloud technology for the transfer. Instead, it uses P2P technology, which makes your data secure more secure than the other methods of file transfers.

You do not need any login or registration for accomplishing the task. You need a six-digit code for the first time. Once your device becomes the paired device, it will automatically send and receive data and files without manual setup requirement.

Send Anywhere does not have any geographical limit for transferring the files. You can send it to the users having this application in the smartphone everywhere in the world. Moreover, the types of the format supported by this application are not limited to a specific number, making it possible for you to share any file you like.

The speed for file transfer is excellent, along with high security during and after the file transfer process.

Send Anywhere is an application to ease the process of file transfer between users through peer-to-peer technology.

Technical Details

Last Update:
May, 17th 2023
Latest Version:
23.05 Build 160852
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104.48 MB
Supported OS:
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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