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For those needing business chat technology, there are options out there. We took a look at Ryver, which is a competitor to other platforms you might have heard of like Slack or Skype. It turns out that Ryver actually rivals them in a number of ways. It has focused on a specific part of the market. They take the chats and make it easy for you to turn these into tasks like you would on Trello.


In essence, when you use this app, it is like a combination of different chat apps all in one. You will be able to use the chat engine with various features in order to answer questions and go back and forth with the team. The team will be able to know what they need to get done in real-time. This is crucial when your business model revolves around the concept of getting key clients their projects on a very strict timeline. It might help you shave hours or even days off of certain projects, depending on how you use it and what your current workflow looks like. By knowing what each time member is working on at a given time, you have a leg up on the competition who might not have the same insight.


Forums are a way for you to all get together in a virtual chat room. They let you voice your opinions, needs, and resource requests.

Teams that are Private

It’s nice to know that certain teams will be private. Sometimes, you just need certain people on a certain project. This means that not only can you protect important information, you can also prevent other team members from getting distracted.

When comparing Ryver to Tello or Slack, it is clear that it has many of the same features. We recommend trying it out. But keep in mind that ultimately the best tool is the one that each team member is comfortable using to achieve their goals.

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