Rejbrand Text Editor

Rejbrand Text Editor

February, 17th 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Rejbrand Text Editor comes in a simple and menu-based format through which you can have access to various features. Compared with one of Windows’s default applications, this editor can work at a faster speed while loading and saving the files larger than 1MB.

Moreover, this application ensures that there is no screen flickering by using the double-buffer system. Furthermore, you can edit the text while keeping the line characters active.

The syntax highlighting is another feature of this editor. XML, Object Pascal/Delphi, AlgoSim, and INI files are some of the features that come under the syntax highlighting.  You can even expect to see the syntax highlighting when exporting these files to the XHTML version. Moreover, the facilitation in the form of auto-closing of the brackets and automatic underlining is also a prominent feature of Rejbrand Text Editor.

Additionally, this application also has the find and replaces the option for the text. It provides keyword commands for interaction with the application and better execution of the commands. You can also have the option to undo the text file to the last saved version, making it easier for you to experiment and make the necessary changes.

The editing features of the application ensure that certain words indicating the symbol would be replaced automatically. For example, the beta written would be replaced by β, if written on thi text editor. You can also have an XML tag editor.

Changing the style, fonts, text selection, row selection, and change of background color are some of the features of this application. Furthermore, adding indents, changing the date and time, upper and lower case use of alphabets, and formatting of the written text are all possible this application.

Rejbrand Text Editor is a text editor with extra features to facilitate the writing process.

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February, 17th 2023
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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