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rEASYze is an image editing application to provide you with all the possible features that make your image look better. It offers you an intuitive dark-colored interface through which you can choose the desired tool. You can apply the filters to the images, add watermarks, and even change the format of your picture with great ease.

There are two different modes provided by this application. If you are in need to readjust the size of the application, then you need the easy mode. in case you need to retouch your image, then you’ll have to open the pro-mode of this app.

The drag and drop feature is available for the readjustment of pictures and other photos. Additionally, each image resizing creates a new folder. With each folder, preset dimensions are set, and login details open up in the window.

The supported formats include TIF, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Moreover, you can even change the orientation of the image and rename the files as well.

This application does not require additional resources of your system, so it is quite easy to use and can be considered appropriate for both the beginners and the experts.

rEASYze is an application that can help you in editing your image files and adding watermarks to your pictures.

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