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To learn to type on your own, you can use this application as it provides the real helping hand for this purpose. You can choose the language in which you want to learn the typing. Additionally, RapidTyping also allows you to select the type of keyboard that you would be using. You cannot only know the word typing, but the function and numeric keys available on the keyboard are included in the typing lessons that you would get from this application.

Through this utility, you can evaluate your performance using the key performance indicators, which include the word per minute, total characters and accuracy of typing. All these records are available online, so that makes it easy for you to evaluate your performance for the current lesson and compare it with the future performance.

Additionally, sound enabling, changing of configuration settings and activating hotkeys are also possible with this application for facilitating typing. You can even switch from one font to the other depending upon your choice, so it provides you with a lot of options to customize your learning experience.

Even the system resources required for the running of this application are not enormous, so your computer can work fine while this application is running.

RapidTyping is a typing tutor that can provide you with a great learning experience and allow you to manage the settings for typing according to your needs.

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